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The modern enterprise

You need modern, data-first digital asset management software that was built for the user’s needs, but with the scale of the enterprise in mind.

Report on What Matters Most to Your Business

At Tenovos, we believe the old adage, “you can’t fix what you don’t measure” – for us, it’s more like “you can’t optimize what you can’t report on.” 

That’s why we offer comprehensive asset-level reporting to help creative leaders and executives track and visualize brand governance data, global asset usage, content metrics, and campaign performance. Now you can know what assets are being used and how, how to optimize imagery across channels, and which licensed assets have the highest ROI.

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The Best DAM Is The One Everyone Will Use

One of the most important factors that will determine the success or failure of a DAM platform implementation is how broadly it’s adopted across your organization. To get the most out of the features of a modern DAM, all of your company’s content, metadata, workflows, and usage and performance data must live together in the same digital ecosystem.

To prevent teams from maintaining old, siloed systems that can derail your efforts, make sure the new system is so intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly that they are excited to make the switch.

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Usability That Doesn’t Compromise on Security

Whatever exciting features and functionality your DAM may offer, enterprise-ready security and governance capabilities are non-negotiable. Cloud-based digital asset management, like Tenovos, benefits from all the security Amazon Web Services (AWS) has to offer, including auto-scaling multi-tiered storage management.

With this security layer as a foundation, we build on easy-to-use features like role-based permission templates and secure sharing portals that enable security best practices for everyone using the system, regardless of their level of tech savvy.

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A Platform The IT Team Will Appreciate

A streamlined asset management platform that was purpose-built for agility can be a breath of fresh air for an enterprise IT team. Rather than spending time adjusting your business processes to fit older technology with a large footprint or code base that came from different sources over time, let your team focus on moving the enterprise forward instead.

Tenovos takes advantage of cloud-native capabilities like auto-scaling, auto-provisioning and real-time monitoring to keep things moving quickly regardless of your size or complexity. Our platform is built on microservices that can be infinitely reconfigured to suit your business’ needs — not the other way around.

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