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Configurable DAM Metadata

How people search for content – the words they use and how they think – changes constantly. Tenovos makes it possible for DAM managers to keep up with these evolutions in vocabulary, taxonomy and search trends by making all DAM metadata completely configurable directly through our modern UI – no IT or support required.

The ability to configure your own metadata without any additional support or resources is essential to the optimization of search and ultimately productivity in your DAM.

Optimize your DAM metadata for content findability

Ensure your users find the assets they need, fast, by keeping your metadata up to date with new taxonomies, changes to vocabularies, search trends, and user behavior – all with zero cost or platform downtime.

Streamline and simplify complex metadata changes


Create, change or otherwise update metadata structures in a matter of minutes through our modern UI, saving you the days and significant costs that would be required with legacy DAM platforms.

Keep up with diversity, equity and inclusion requirements

As companies become more informed and take action on DEI, you can quickly and easily update your DAM metadata to reflect best practices and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for your users.

What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance