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Automate the entire asset lifecycle, from content creation and management to publishing and tracking.

To attract a modern buyer, marketers need to publish content quickly to capture their interest in the moment. Unfortunately, most enterprise digital asset management (DAM) platforms fail to streamline complex workflows or provide useful insights into content performance to make this possible.

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At Tenovos, we wanted to build a digital asset management platform that was not only intuitive to use but also automates traditionally complex manual workflows that often slow content creation and activation down. By providing the latest in content analytics, we empower storytellers to quickly distribute content and understand what works best.

Story Management

It’s time to expect more from your enterprise DAM. With Story Management, you can ingest, centralize, organize, and manage all your asset types in one platform that automatically creates metadata so you don’t have to: Meta tags, ALT tags, and keywords can all be localized.

Coupled with user-based permissions so your team members only see what you want them to see, and enterprise analytics that shows who is using your content and where, Story Management from Tenovos isn’t your traditional DAM.

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Story Orchestration

Creating and distributing content with internal and external teams doesn’t have to be painful.

With Story Orchestration you can improve enterprise productivity by streamlining the creative review and proofing process, curating content for easy sharing, and assigning licensing and intellectual property rights at scale.

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Story Activation

Organizing your content is where most digital asset management platform functionalities end. Tenovos is different.

Not only does our platform automate the creation, optimization and localization of assets for channel distribution, we allow brands to publish their content to eCommerce and social media sites, directly from the DAM.

The best part? The performance of your content in relation to your business metrics can be tracked, no matter where it resides.


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Story Management

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Story Orchestration

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Story Activation

Publish, track, and measure

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