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Keep It All Together

Keeping track of thousands of licensing agreements (if not more) across multiple brands and franchises can feel like a Herculean task without the right tracking, automation, and search capabilities in place.

The intuitive digital image and video asset management system from Tenovos can simplify all of this by pairing every logo, media file, and brand guidelines document with its associated contracts and metadata automatically, ensuring there is no room for ambiguity when it comes to the rights and usage of your sensitive content.

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Maintain Your Metadata

Your digital assets have important metadata associated with them. Traditionally, moving those assets back and forth between different systems has resulted in that data being lost, or having to be reattached at some point before the asset is shared or distributed.

Tenovos uses an innovative approach to platform integrations that allows important information like rights metadata, SEO and alt tags – even usage and performance data – to follow your assets wherever they go within your own company and beyond.

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Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

From adding metadata to assets, to translating collateral into different languages, to reviewing and approving usage requests, there are a lot of tasks vying for your team’s attention. Implementing a DAM that’s capable of automating much (if not all) of this manual work can greatly improve both productivity and accuracy across departments.

Another time saving feature within Tenovos is the ability to “gate” certain content with easy-to-customize review and approval forms and flows that can be used with both creative agencies and internal and external users.

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Share Assets and Report on Content Usage


Keeping an eye on every asset in your library might seem daunting, but with a video asset management system that’s built to track and report on assets across their lifecycle, you’ll be surprised at how simple governance can be.

Media companies leverage our curated content portals to ensure marketing teams and licensees automatically have access to everything you’ve approved for them directly from your own DAM, which means you not only control access, you also control data that you can use to report on your content’s usage across channels and geographies.

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