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Rights management features that reduce your risk

Rights Management Spotlight

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a robust rights management system in place

Know your rights

When your DAM pairs key rights details and licenses with your assets from the start, you can breathe a little easier. To make sure you know where everything is being used, when, and by whom, our system also offers easy-to-configure request forms that can do anything from simply collecting usage information, to requiring the approval of a manager before an asset can be used.

And, like all your content on Tenovos, your licensed assets can be distributed right from the DAM, so it’s easy to ‘recall’ them when they expire.

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In compliance – automatically

How confident do you feel that every piece of rights-managed content featured in your global campaigns today is being used according to its license?

Our right management tool pairs licenses with assets from the start and uses them to keep everyone in compliance.

Searches can be limited to only show users results they have the right to use in their geography, content portals can be set to control which assets partners can use, and you can get alerts when assets are nearing expiration – and take them down quickly when they are!

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Always a good investment

Having a DAM that gives clear visibility around licensed content can save your organization money in several ways.

First, a direct integration with popular stock sites means you’ll never waste money on multiple licenses for the same artwork. Second, a modern DAM with performance tracking can provide valuable insights into how assets perform compared to the cost of their creation and use – and help you discover which photographers and talent resonate best.

Finally, bulletproof rights management tools can eliminate costly fines for accidental rights violations based on embargoes, geography, and more.

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Learn how Tenovos can help you scale rights management with confidence

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