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Platform Infrastructure

The Tenovos cloud-based digital asset management platform leverages the latest technologies, APIs, and cloud infrastructure to create unmatched functionality and user experience.

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Built by DAM users for DAM users, Tenovos is the platform your content has been waiting for

Seamless Interoperability

Built on flexible microservices, Tenovos can easily integrate your existing applications and repositories to maintain the integrity of content and data when transmitted between systems. Just because assets move, doesn’t mean you should experience any data loss or lack of transparency. Connect creative suites, PIMs, CDNs, CMSs, and more with the latest APIs.

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Secure Data Access

Tenovos is built with a modern cloud security approach to digital management. Assets, users, and the system are protected against unauthorized access with the latest in advanced data protection. Built-in template tools for admins make it easy to control and keep your policies in place.

We are proud to be SOC2 compliant.

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Unparalleled Scalability and Response Time

Stop waiting for lengthy downloads and progress bars. With a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN), there is virtually no latency when it comes to viewing, downloading, and publishing assets – maximizing everyone’s productivity.

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Technology Built for the Cloud

Tenovos partners with AWS and their cloud architecture to provide uninterrupted global access for all users, regular new releases, and the ability to scale content efforts without impacting performance. All you need to access our platform’s best and most up-to-date version is a login.

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A cloud-native, flexible, reliable, and rational deployment model with a continuous delivery

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Flexible microservices and serverless platform allowing for autoscaling and no size limits

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Native APIs to integrate with your existing CRM, PIM, CMS, CDN, MRM, and Master Data

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Robust enterprise-grade security, uptime reliability, and user management systems

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A modern user interface and platform that is compatible on mobile devices and tablets

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Global support and partnership from a dedicated team through launch day and beyond

Tenovos and the MACH Principles

Tenovos is a member of the MACH Alliance, and our DAM platform is built upon its core principles of developing technology that leverages microservices, is API-first, cloud-native, and headless.

Learn more about Tenovos and the MACH Alliance

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, analyze, and optimize