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Tenovos runs on Amazon Web Services

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Join some of the world’s leading brands that trust their assets to Tenovos and AWS

Tenovos & AWS: Better Together

Today, global brands and organizations in sectors such as CPG, retail, and financial services are determined to leverage the power of cloud-based technology as a critical enabler of their digital transformation journey.

Tenovos, delivered as a SaaS platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides enterprise executives and brand teams with a holistic Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with cloud at its core.

As a platform designed and developed to leverage a modern cloud-based systems architecture, Tenovos customers experience unprecedented levels of performance, scale, security, and extensibility.

More specifically, Tenovos leverages AWS Cloudfront to significantly reduce the latency of centralizing, managing, organizing, and activating product and marketing content. Regardless of where your users are and the size of your media files, they can access them in near real-time, ensuring their creative productivity isn’t impacted.

Furthermore, thanks to AWS, content can be published directly from the Tenovos DAM to many customer-facing channels such as social, web, and email, streamlining a historically cumbersome process.

Benefits include

  • Near instant access to media files, regardless of size or user location
  • Real-time insights into content productivity and performance
  • Publish content directly from Tenovos to customer-facing channels
  • AWS scales automatically as your use of the Tenovos DAM increases

One Centralized, Scalable Location for your Content

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Security is Paramount

Tenovos leverages AWS to adhere to the latest in compliance, privacy, and security requirements.

Scales As You Scale

AWS automatically scales as your usage of the Tenovos platform increases, with no limitations or sluggish performance, regardless of the number of assets.

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Extensible, From the Inside Out

With microservices and APIs at the core, Tenovos is the center of the asset lifecycle.

Fully Configurable

No code configuration empowers admins to create a bespoke experience for each user or team.

Accessible To All

Global users can access their content in near real-time, regardless of location.

Uptime Guaranteed

With 99.99% uptime, your users don’t have to worry about missing deadlines because systems are down.

Got Your Back(up)

Should the unexpected happen, your Tenovos DAM can revert to a cloud-based backup instantaneously and without disrupting your users.

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, analyze, and optimize