Activate content across distribution channels

It’s time to leverage built-in content distribution tools to transform the way you activate and evaluate campaigns.

One Asset, Every Channel

Great content never sits still. It’s always on the move, and you need your creative asset management system to keep up. Through a built-in system for distributing content, Tenovos is able to activate your assets across channels from a single central file, delivering the right size and rendition for each platform while retaining the asset’s original metadata.

Because all the instances of your asset across channels like social media, eCommerce, and more stem from a single source, you can easily recall them when licenses expire or seasonal campaigns end.

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Improve SEO Without Spending More Time

Any marketer would agree that optimizing content with relevant terms is a best practice. But the time required to research the right meta tags, apply them to every asset in your DAM, and then re-add those tags to activated assets in each channel can grind your marketing operation to a crawl.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, Tenovos can automate this monotonous task by suggesting intelligent SEO and alt tags for single assets or bulk uploads, and keep that data attached as your content moves around the web.

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Track and Optimize Performance

Activating one asset across all your channels not only saves your team a great deal of time, it also allows you to track performance data and get valuable insights that you can use to improve your existing content and create even more relevant content in the future.

With our creative asset management system, give your storytellers insight into which assets and content types resonate best with your target audience so they can make more of it.

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Don’t just store your content; activate it.

Your DAM should do more than serve as a digital library for your content. With Story Activation, the platform that houses all your assets can also activate them across channels, retaining data and returning insights along the way.

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Activate Content Across Channels

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