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Your DAM software should make everything better.

From your daily work experience to the stories your brand shares with your audience, your DAM should touch – and improve – every aspect of your marketing operation.

Who Do We Work With?
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Tenovos goes well beyond simply managing digital assets: we automate time-consuming tasks, quickly connect systems, and track performance data that enterprise brands need to tell stories that resonate and drive growth.

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Why Stories?

Stories have always been at the heart of the relationships between people and the brands they love. In this era of ever-increasing competition for your audience’s attention, it’s more important than ever that every story you share feels relevant and targeted directly to them.

To be able to tell relevant stories at scale, in an ever-changing media environment, you need a modern, intuitive platform that acts as the missing piece in your marketing operation; connecting and improving everything from asset search to campaign creation to content activation and back again. When your DAM software can collect actionable data throughout the content lifecycle, your brand’s storytellers can quickly create and optimize campaigns that get results.

Better Experience

A highly visual interface, intelligent search, and the help of AI and machine learning combine to create a better user experience for your internal team and your external partners.

A better experience means more productivity, better user adoption across your organization, and a shorter time to market for your campaigns. 

Learn More About Managing Digital Assets
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Better Intelligence

Tenovos is built on the latest cloud-native technology with an agile connection framework, which means you can quickly integrate your DAM software with other systems like workflow, PIM, CMS, and more.

When all the dots are connected, you can capture critical data (from workflow to PIM to activation channels) and actionable insights at every step of the content lifecycle to get a more holistic view of your content.

Learn More About Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management
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Better Decisions

Imagine being able to make data-backed decisions around your marketing budget and campaign strategy based directly on your content’s performance.

Decide which rights-managed assets to renew based on resulting revenue vs. rcost; book photographers and models whose images get better engagement; optimize the style of product imagery you use with data from your ecommerce site – and more. 

Learn More About Digital Asset Insights
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Better Outcomes

Whatever your KPIs might be, you’ll discover ways to improve them by leveraging a modern, data-first approach to managing your digital assets.

The Tenovos platform goes well beyond the traditional DAM to empower your team to better manage, move, measure, and optimize your digital content so your brand can share stories that matter to your audience and move your business forward.

Learn More About Workflow Automation
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What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance

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