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Saks & Tenovos

Marketing Operations & Creative Workflow Automation

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Luxury Retail E-commerce Company

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Maximized creative efficiency for a global luxury retailer

Saks is a retail leader in luxury e-commerce, known for exceptional online shopping and personalized experiences. Faced with escalating demand for content creation on tight timelines, Kimberly Jauss, Director of Creative Imaging at Saks, and her dedicated team led the implementation of Saks’ first Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. 

The goal of the DAM was to centralize assets across the organization and automate critical aspects of Saks’ creative process. Before Tenovos, Saks’ creative teams navigated challenges like rogue asset storage, fragmented and timely review processes, and a lack of clarity surrounding asset permissions. These challenges curtailed the creative team’s productivity and made content reuse next to impossible.

Today, with Tenovos, Saks has achieved centralized asset management, enabling enhanced content discoverability and subsequently increased content reuse. Leveraging workflow automation and integrations within the DAM, Saks has streamlined their creative processes and instilled robust governance across the board. These capabilities have translated into seamless version control, simplified internal and external collaborations, and secure yet visible content sharing across teams.

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How Tenovos provides value to Saks

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Centralized asset management & enhanced content discoverability

Before Tenovos, Saks’ assets were being stored across various sources, including physical hard drives, personal desktops, and Adobe InDesign. Folder structures were extremely difficult to navigate. With thousands of assets, this lack of centralization made searching for content – and knowing if teams had permission to use that content – incredibly time-consuming. Another issue was version confusion; for instance, changes made to a product shot in one file were not reflected in others, and teams were left scrambling to find the correct version when it came time to print or publish.

With Tenovos, Saks’ teams can access assets seamlessly in the cloud-based DAM with an intelligent search engine powered by metadata. The arduous task of navigating complex folder structures has been replaced with the ability to curate collections of assets organized by a common theme, such as brand, campaign, product line, or SKUs. Asset data, including rights and usage permissions, can be found alongside assets, eliminating the need to chase team members for approval. Ultimately, this centralization and intuitive search enables Saks’ teams to swiftly locate the assets they need, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of using outdated or incorrect versions.

Key features:

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Content reuse at scale

With the sheer volume of content required, Saks knew that producing and retouching new assets for every campaign was impractical, and saw the opportunity to reuse shots, say, initially for a beauty campaign, in social ads for a fashion piece. However, a lack of visibility into what assets existed hindered the efficient reuse of content. Saks needed a DAM that would improve content discovery and provide teams visibility of assets they could reuse.

Now, Tenovos’ advanced search capabilities enable quick asset retrieval, while the intuitive display of related and similar assets in the DAM helps Saks’ teams identify opportunities for repurposing content. Here, rights data and permissions tied directly to the asset means teams can confidently select existing materials with the knowledge of what they are allowed to use. 

Further, knowing what content performed well and what hasn’t been published yet enables Saks to increase ROI on existing content (because they know what works!) and repurpose images that didn’t make the cut the first time. This allows Saks to provide more tailored content to their customers, helping their content stand out amidst the sea of advertisements. 

Ultimately, content reuse saves Saks time and resources and allows them to push more content faster; this is crucial in retail, where speed is essential to stay on top of trends.

Key features:

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Controlled internal and external content distribution

Previously, Saks grappled with the complexity of sharing content effectively to both their internal teams and external partners, such as brands. When sharing content internally, the risk of content misuse and the need for controlled access to assets were pressing concerns due to confidentiality surrounding specific brands and campaigns. However, Saks wanted to give their teams enough visibility to avoid duplicative work. As Saks sells numerous brands on their website, they also needed to ensure these brands have the ability to view and approve content through an efficient process.

Tenovos is a game-changer in facilitating the secure, seamless sharing of assets – the ability to set user permissions in the DAM enables Saks to provide asset visibility to their internal teams while maintaining control over who can view and share assets. Being able to share what has been created securely has curtailed duplicated efforts and significantly reduced the risk of content misuse.

Tenovos also empowers Saks to provide external teams (like brands) access and visibility into the DAM, so these external teams can participate in the creative process (i.e. proofing and markups) and ultimately approve the content for publishing. The ability for external teams to participate in Saks’ creative process creates confidence that Saks is upholding brand consistency and simplifies workflows for Saks’ teams, as they can review and edit assets for internal and external teams in a unified manner. Controlled sharing ultimately enhances productivity as eliminating the need for teams to adapt to multiple approval workflows means Saks can get brand-approved content to market as fast as possible.

Key features:

Creative Workflow Automation

The complex workflows to produce Saks’ finalized seasonal and brand campaigns require robust governance to align with Saks’ brand, vendor requirements, and legal terms. Before implementing their DAM and leveraging automation, Saks was challenged by review delays, version disparities, scattered copies, and uncertainty about permissions which compounded to slow down the creative process, limiting efficiency.

Tenovos’ dynamic customization and integration capabilities empowers Saks to define their workflows and create data triggers to initiate tasks and integrations into other tools automatically. Automation has freed up time for DAM and creative teams by reducing manual interventions and repetitive steps within their creative process, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. Automation in the DAM also keeps everyone informed; teams get notified when they need to approve or edit assets, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling a seamless and speedy journey through the stages of Saks’ creative process.

Key features:


PIM Integration

Saks needed a DAM that could integrate directly with their Product Information Management (PIM) system to ensure up-to-date product information was connected with corresponding creative assets. Without synchronization between the PIM and content library, all data had to be added to assets by teams manually, and pulling assets for out-of-date products or vendors was a nightmare, as assets were incredibly difficult to locate.

Now, with Tenovos’ PIM framework within the DAM, data syncs directly from Saks’ PIM into their DAM. Product information is thus available and searchable in the DAM, allowing teams to search for specific vendors, styles, SKUs, or products and locate the corresponding assets quickly. Saks’ teams can also publish these assets to their CMS with speed and at scale, significantly boosting productivity. Further, this improved content discoverability relating to products is especially beneficial for pulling assets off channels at speed when they can no longer be used.

Key features:

sakes aws

Tenovos and AWS for Retail

Tenovos is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a secure, centralized, cloud-based DAM, ensuring retail customers like Saks experience unprecedented performance, security, and extensibility levels.

Significantly, Tenovos utilizes AWS Cloudfront to reduce the latency of centralizing, managing, organizing, and activating product and marketing content. Irrespective of user location and file size, assets are accessible in near real-time, ensuring teams’ creative productivity is never compromised. Additionally, retail content can be published to customer-facing channels, including social media, web, and email, directly from Tenovos. This capability through AWS streamlines a traditionally complex process while delivering valuable insights into content performance.

Saks & Tenovos: Enhancing Creative Excellence for Luxury E-commerce

In collaboration with Tenovos, Saks has revolutionized their content management and creative workflows. Implementing modern DAM has enabled Saks’ teams to create and collaborate on content at speed and empowered their teams to focus on delivering captivating experiences to their customers across various channels (instead of spending hours looking for assets). 

Saks’ story is not just one of successful DAM implementations but a blueprint for brands seeking to navigate the ever-growing demands for content in the retail world. The integration of automation within the asset lifecycle and the strategic role of DAM that Saks has taken on serve as guiding principles for efficient content management.

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