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Direct-to-consumer brands

When speed to market with personalized content is core to your business’ success, having the right DAM can make all the difference.

Streamline Every Step

For innovative brands that offer their products directly to consumers, the ability to stay agile and keep creative campaigns fresh can be a key differentiating factor. 

By automating monotonous tasks like adding meta tags or moving assets and prototypes through workflows, your in-house creative, product, and marketing teams can help keep your competitive edge without sacrificing quality or consistency.

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Align With Agencies and Influencers

External partners are most successful when they function as an extension of your team. By creating a limited access portal for your agencies, you can provide them with everything they need to tell your story, without your team wasting time creating limited folders and copies just for them.

Similarly, bringing paid influencers into your DAM environment can save time for everyone, and help you get the most out of their services. Tenovos offers self-service portals where influencers can upload or download all of their content directly from the DAM, and you can take advantage of automated tagging to organize their work.

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Make Data Your Secret Weapon Online

Today, most successful direct-to-consumer brands tie their success to digital, for advertising their products and distributing them to a worldwide audience. The extent to which your business is able to personalize content by tracking, analyzing, and responding to data plays a major role in your outcomes.

Tenovos’ cloud-based DAM platform can not only host all of your product imagery and advertising campaign creative, but also deliver it directly to channels for activation. This means that all the metadata you attach to your assets in the DAM can follow them to your e-commerce platform to boost SEO, and to your advertising channels online, where we can also collect performance data on your campaigns.

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Story Management

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Story Orchestration

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Story Activation

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