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Story Management

We built Story Management to improve your team’s productivity. From intelligent search, to automatic tagging of assets, to simple user-based reporting, managing your digital assets is intuitive and efficient.

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What if you could get more out of your digital asset management (DAM) platform while spending less time in it?

Intuitive and Efficient Search and Curating Capabilities

Ingest, organize and manage digital assets through a beautiful, intuitive, role-based user experience that marries form with functionality. Offering built-in intelligent search and lightning-fast downloads, users can curate collections, including by brand and campaign to eliminate folder inflation, asset duplication, and ultimately increase asset re-use.

Picture of yellow sunglasses, search bar, notifications, and metadata

AI-Assisted Tagging & Metadata Creation

Save your team hours by having your assets automatically tagged and transcribed, allowing for effective and scalable management of your digital assets. Supplement that metadata by integrating your Product Information Management (PIM) system to improve insights and discovery. The Tenovos platform can also automatically create ALT tags and keywords for SEO.

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Governance Reporting

Obtain real-time insights into how your content is being used and who is using it. With built-in governance reporting, you can be alerted when digital assets or a collection of digital assets are utilized, including by whom and when. Alerts can also include spikes in usage and other unusual behavior.

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Role-Based User Interfaces

Personally designed for each user to enable easy navigation without technical expertise, the ability to create role-based user interfaces saves time on setup, onboarding, and training costs. Each screen is configured to ensure the most relevant information is available when needed, further speeding up the creative process.

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Automated and bulk asset uploads supporting all standard image, video, and audio formats

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AI and machine learning for auto-tagging and speech-to-text transcripts of audio and video

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Intelligent search and asset organization including thumbnails and full previews for videos

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Localization support in different languages for all UI and UX components on the platform

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Full role-based user interfaces that can be configured for any internal or external user

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Helpful tracking details that include an asset’s usage, revisions, and download history

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, analyze, and optimize