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Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Role of Automation in DAM: How to Maximize Your Resources and Output

Digital content remains the best way to engage consumers at scale – but keeping up with the demand for content is a challenge for enterprise brands as budgets tighten up, and resources become more limited.

Leveraging automation within your DAM can give your team back the time that they need to focus on doing what they are best at: being creative and letting the ideas flow. With the help of automation, DAM Managers can streamline cumbersome and complex processes when it comes to creating and managing content.

In this presentation, Kimberly Jauss, Director of Creative Imaging of Saks, will showcase how they have leveraged automation to build a strong governance around asset data processes, and how that will inform a data-driven ROI content strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of the ecomm/retail Saks creation process, from start to finish
  • How to encourage content reuse through findability and strong metadata
  • The role of automation when it comes to streamlining the cumbersome and complex process of creating content
  • What data insights you should be watching and what they mean for the future of your content

Kimberly Jauss
Director, Creative Imaging

Kimberly Jauss has over 12 years experience in the ecommerce post-production industry.  She began her career freelancing for various photographers for various on set and post production roles.  Having discovered photoshop at a young age and falling in love with the world of image manipulation, she primarily found herself in retouching roles, however, these always quickly evolved into a hybrid of retouching and asset management.

Kimberly has always enjoyed being a part of and thrived within the creative realm, but always a bit more behind the scenes and enjoys bridging the gap between creatives flows and tech tools that help drive larger data driven business initiatives.

As the need for data and collaborative tools for teams in the industry became more prevalent, Kimberly dove into the DAM world and launched her first DAM from ground up in 2016, laying the foundation for her position as Director of Creative Imagings at and launching their first DAM.”

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