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Our Customers

Some of the world’s leaders in CPG, financial services, media/entertainment, and retail, trust their digital assets to Tenovos. From organization and governance to distribution and analysis, the teams behind these iconic brands use our DAM platform to power their success.

Customer Case Studies
Brown Forman LogoGlobal Marketing & Distribution 

Brown-Forman relies on Tenovos to manage and distribute assets for 25+ brands to field sales teams, external agencies, distributors, and vendors across 15+ countries.

Case Study
Centralizing & Sharing Creative Assets

Through Tenovos, has centralized creative assets from more than 40 drives, improving content findability across the organization, creative productivity, and accelerating speed to marketing through distribution of assets to global partners.

Case Study
Peanuts LogoGlobal Licensing Management

The Peanuts creative IP is safely stored within the Tenovos DAM, which is connected to a rights management platform to enable the distribution of creative assets to licensees around the world.

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Marketing Operations & Branding has centralized creative assets within Tenovos to improve brand compliance and accelerate speed to market with products on their digital shelf.

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Amazon Fuse LogoMarketing Operations
Amazon Fuse employs Tenovos to provide a global portal for approved Amazon partners where they can self-register and access permission-managed content as part of an easy workflow.
carlsGlobal Marketing & Design
Carlsberg employs Tenovos DAM to manage and distribute all brand, packaging, marketing, and e-commerce assets across their key global markets, optimizing global marketing efficiency.
Canadian Tire LogoContent Management & Creative
Canadian Tire employs Tenovos as the enterprise DAM to manage, distribute, and evaluate product content for their 220+ brands across multiple channels, including e-commerce and social media.
condeGlobal Marketing & Design


Condé Nast chose Tenovos DAM to manage the content lifecycle and monetization for 20+ iconic global media brands, providing greater rights, contracts, and licensing visibility.
Glossier LogoCreative Operations
Glossier relies on Tenovos to maintain the agility of their creative teams with a fast, intuitive, highly visual user experience that also allows their team to easily self-manage their system.
Lockheed Martin LogoCentralized Content Management
Lockheed Martin has reduced costs by replacing legacy systems with the Tenovos DAM, giving them a centralized location for all Lockheed brands to store, manage and access their creative assets.
Marvel LogoGlobal Licensing and IP Portal
Marvel leverages Tenovos' headless platform as the technical underpinning for their global licensing and IP platform which has 20k+ users and 6k+ licensees across 85 countries.
Marketing Operations & Compliance
In a highly regulated industry, Mutual of Omaha relies on the Tenovos DAM to ensure compliance with a variety of content-related regulations, while also driving marketing campaigns.
Pivot Point LogoCreative & Marketing Operations
From managing their beauty guides to centralizing creative assets like model photography and product videos, Pivot Point is leveraging Tenovos DAM to centralize and distribute content across their organization.
reckiGlobal Marketing & Creative Operations
Reckitt uses Tenovos DAM for end-to-end content management for 20+ brands, maximizing marketing and e-commerce efficiency through centralized assets and optimized workflows.
Shopbop LogoMarketing & Creative Studio
Tenovos powers communication between ShopBop’s numerous custom applications, as well as helping to streamline collaboration across editorial and product imaging teams.
skechers logoContent Management & Distribution
Skechers leverages Tenovos DAM to create and distribute thousands of global assets for B2C & B2B channels, streamlining the digital content supply chain and enhancing team productivity.
Twitch LogoMarketing & Creative Ops; Ad Production
Twitch relies on Tenovos to enable quick retirement of assets related to specific events once they end, and to streamline the process for capturing celebrity and influencer live streams.
Unite Students LogoAsset Management & Brand Portal
As the largest student housing provider in the UK, Unite Students leverages dynamic templates and brand portals to enforce brand guidelines while distributing assets to property managers nationwide.

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