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Peanuts & Tenovos

Creative asset distribution at scale

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Very first Peanuts comic strip stored in Tenovos!





Stewardship of a classic brand

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all of their friends in the Peanuts gang started out in the 1950s as a comic strip in seven newspapers. Today they’re published all over the world and used on merchandise ranging from mugs and toys to t-shirts and other apparel. They’ve even teamed up with NASA to inspire young kids to take an interest in STEM.

Smart licensing has kept this well-loved brand top of mind for consumers around the world, but the scale of its licensing program was becoming challenging to manage. Folder-based navigation and content organization – while suitable for a few hundred assets – made it hard for users (licensees searching for the perfect character pose for their products) to find what they needed.

Ultimately, this lack of discoverability led the Peanuts team to search for a new, modern digital asset management technology to facilitate its global content license operations. Today, the Peanuts creative IP is safely stored within the Tenovos DAM, which is connected to a rights management platform to enable the distribution of creative assets to licensees around the world.

How Tenovos provides value to Peanuts

Asset centralization and browsing

By centralizing creative assets within the Tenovos DAM, Peanuts has been able to leverage our configurable metadata and advanced search capabilities to make browsing for content fast and easy. Using UI features like tiles and storyboards to curate and organize relevant content for users, creatives looking for the perfect Peanuts image can find it in just a few quick clicks.

Key features:

User management

While Peanuts has a group of internal ‘power users’ of their DAM, the majority of their users (2,000+) are external licensees who require various levels of access to these creative assets. Based on the rights that have been set for each asset, Peanuts can easily control content access for users so they can view only approved assets without any manual processes, enabling their team to manage their license program at scale.

Key features:

Brand stewardship and approvals

Snoopy and the gang wouldn’t be the pop culture icons they are today without tight brand control. Tenovos enables Peanuts to not only control access to assets, but ensure a proper review process takes place for how each asset will be used externally – before the asset can be downloaded by the user.

Tenovos also enables the team to scrutinize any asset from their internal design team and approve the content before it gets added to the Peanuts collection, ensuring every asset meets their rigorous brand standards. These automated workflows allow Peanuts to scale their review process and keep up with the growing demand for their IP around the world.


Key features:

Tenovos and AWS

Tenovos has partnered with AWS to help customers accelerate their cloud journeys and achieve their business goals by migrating their workloads to Tenovos on AWS. Through this collaboration, Tenovos provides the most innovative, modern DAM platform, built using the most compelling AWS services and products, including: 

  • Compute 
  • Storage 
  • Database 
  • Networking & Content Delivery 
  • Analytics 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Security, Identity & Compliance
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Peanuts & Tenovos:
Brand management at scale

Tenovos and Peanuts continue to work together on the growing need for controlled access to this iconic brand. Today, Tenovos is increasing team productivity related to reviews and approvals, protecting brand integrity through permission-based content access, and accelerating speed to market for licensees by helping them find assets faster.

As more content is added to the system, and demand for it grows alongside, tech integrations are on the horizon that will further streamline the licensing process for Peanuts and their users worldwide.

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