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Protect your brand with download request forms

Give users access to all the content in your DAM without compromising security or control using download request forms. DAM Managers have full control over whichat assets can be downloaded with our automated form and review workflow feature, directly within the Tenovos DAM.

Collaborate to control access to content, protecting your brand without compromising productivity or access to your creative assets.

Automate the request process

Asking permission to use an asset isn’t new – but automating it through collaborative automated workflows lets users understand why requests are approved or denied, and speeds up how long it takes for requests to be resolved by the administrators.

Protect your brand across markets

Whether you’re enforcing a rebrand or ensuring compliance with various market regulations, download request forms let you see how an asset is going to be used and who will use it, reducing risk for your brand.

Understand the value of your content

Download request forms are completely configurable and tie into Tenovos reporting, allowing DAM managers to see how (or if!) content is being used, where it’s being used, and understand why users find an asset valuable all based on information submitted through the form.

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