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Centralize and share brand assets
with a modern digital asset management system

Whether you manage a single brand or a house of many, having a central hub for your content is table stakes today. So, what more should you expect from your digital asset management system?

More Than Just Storage

The benefits of a digital asset management system that hosts your digital assets together in one cloud-based library extend far beyond simply having a ‘single source of truth’ for your team, avoiding broken file URLs, or having just one login to remember.

It’s a means of protecting brand integrity, a way to ensure your data’s security, and, with the right platform, a tool to supercharge your team’s productivity. 

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Free The Storytellers

Where do those productivity gains come from? In addition to managing everything for multiple brands in a single place, a system that can automate manual tasks with AI and machine learning lets your team focus on the things that really require their unique skills and creativity.

Your DAM should take on time-consuming things like adding SEO, alt, and meta tags to every asset, instantly creating all the required file types, and serving up only those assets that a specific user should be able to use based on their geography, role, or security template.

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Smarter Searching, Easier Sharing, Better Results

The best DAM for your business is the one that not only saves you time but also saves you money. When you have all of your assets in a single place – one that has an intuitive interface with intelligent search – it’s easy for everyone to see what assets already exist, and not waste time and money reinventing the wheel or sharing file links back and forth with colleagues and agencies. 

This increased efficiency translates into faster speed to market for your campaigns, and better outcomes for your business.

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Explore how Story Management can centralize, organize, and manage all of your digital assets

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What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance