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Video Management & Insights

Video has become the medium of choice for brands looking to engage their buyers across digital channels. Managing video within the DAM, however, can be a painful, time-consuming task, ultimately becoming a burden for those expected to create, edit, and optimize it. Not with Tenovos, though.

By leveraging the latest in video optimization technology, Tenovos allows brands to streamline the complexities of managing large, complex files, at scale

Instant access to video files of any size

Say goodbye to time wasted watching videos buffering while trying to retrieve and edit them. Tenovos has a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows even the largest of videos to immediately become accessible, regardless of where your users are around the globe. Productivity shouldn’t take a hit just because video file sizes are bigger.

Make finding your content easy with intuitive metadata management

Increasing the findability and value of your video content is a no-brainer within Tenovos. We provide video-specific metadata management capabilities, allowing users to add and manage relevant video metadata, such as duration, resolution, and other video-specific tags. These features enhance the overall video management experience and ultimately improve content discoverability and reuse.

Dynamic video insights

By leveraging AI-generated video insights within Tenovos, users can generate tags to make the footage within long video clips searchable. This allows users to skip to anchor points within the content, eliminating time spent scrolling back and forth on the scrubber. Additionally, the AI can extract objects such as people, locations, brands, and backgrounds and automatically add the results as metadata, saving users a ton of time.

Fool-proof accessibility, because it matters.

We know accessibility is a non-negotiable, so we’ve built in features to make it easy for users to incorporate this step into video management. Gone are the days of manually transcribing videos. With speech-to-text, brands can automatically transcribe and add closed-captioning in multiple languages to enhance both findability within the DAM and for end-user accessibility.

Video transcoding and publishing made easy, all in one place

Our digital asset management platform supports video transcoding, allowing for efficient conversion of videos into various formats suitable for different devices and platforms. These final formats can then be published to various video hosting sites (such as YouTube), and performance metrics ingested back into Tenovos for future video optimization.

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