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DAM solutions that empower sales teams
and external partners

Quickly curate and share content from your DAM with Storyboards


Simplify content sharing with curated portals that provide users with everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

The Right Access For Everyone, Everywhere

The most basic job of DAM solutions is to store assets where everyone can access them. Trouble is, not everyone needs the same type of access.

Keep sensitive materials secure, ensure the most current assets are being used, and empower sales teams, distribution partners, and agency partners to work quickly and efficiently with a DAM solution that offers personalized user experiences and easy security templates.

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Stop Sending Files.
Start Curating Collections.

Whether you’re collaborating with your own field sales team or with a partner like a distributor or PR agency, it’s more efficient for everyone involved if you can quickly share the new assets everyone needs, and know what they already have on hand.

Rather than sending a link or attachment every time you create a new asset your team or partner needs, simply add it to their curated portal. Similarly, when an asset expires or a product’s packaging changes, you’re one click away from simply removing it and knowing it won’t accidentally pop up in the future.

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Govern Your Assets & Your Brand

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets in today’s digital world. That’s why it’s vital you ensure brand consistency across channels, and monitor asset usage to reduce risk.

Brand portals in Tenovos enables that consistency by giving users, stakeholders and external partners direct access to all your approved brand assets and guidelines, within an engaging and branded experience.

You can then leverage our powerful usage reports in Tenovos to gain granular insights into where your assets are being used, who is using them most, and how they are deployed across channels and geographies. 

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See how global brands are using Tenovos

Find out how to curate and distribute content collections at scale

The key to maintaining a motivated and productive team is making sure everyone has what they need at their fingertips. Story Orchestration is here to help.

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What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance