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ONNIT & Tenovos

Centralizing and sharing creative assets

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Leading provider of clinically studied supplements,
earth-grown foods, and fitness tools.

Customer since September 2021


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Faster Content Creation


Saved Searching for Content

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Decentralized content and an inability to effectively share with partners

ONNIT, a Unilever brand, is the leading provider of clinically studied supplements, earth-grown foods, and fitness tools. Like many enterprise companies, ONNIT had an overwhelming amount of content that was used for everything from digital marketing to product labels – the only problem was that no one ever could find it.

Before they came to us, the company used more than 40 hard drives to store digital assets on top of a Google Drive system that didn’t follow a standardized organizational structure and was full of duplicate assets and empty folders. This led to a significant amount of time and resources lost recreating existing assets or looking for content and finding nothing, and an inevitable (and constant) flow of content-related requests that users would submit as a result. Additionally, ONNIT faced challenges with brand compliance. With users creating, duplicating and manipulating assets on local hard drives and desktops, it was impossible to implement any type of version control on assets that should have had brand regulations applied to them.

No department in the company was satisfied, and the organization needed to take action. ONNIT assigned a project manager, and they began their journey of conducting user research surveys, connecting with executives, and making their case to bring in a DAM solution. After conducting thorough research across the DAM landscape, Tenovos was selected as the digital asset management solution of choice.

How Tenovos provides value to ONNIT

Increased content searchability through asset centralization

In partnering with Tenovos, ONNIT has centralized and organized all of its digital assets into the DAM platform, making content accessible to all stakeholders and departments with a few clicks. Tenovos achieves this lightning-speed global accessibility through its cloud-based architecture and advanced search features. With Tenovos’ configurable metadata, ONNIT has built a robust metadata structure that is searchable in the DAM, and teams use features like brand tiles and smart filters to organize their content based on DAM user groups who need it. 

These features eliminate the need for ONNIT’s teams to navigate intricate folder structures across multiple drives and platforms to (attempt to) locate content. Now, employees can swiftly access assets at a moment’s notice, allowing them to redirect their energy and concentration toward high-value tasks. This has also saved countless hours of hunting down off-brand assets, allowing teams to confidently produce content and execute campaigns at scale.

Key features:

Boosted productivity & brand compliance with automated workflows

One of ONNIT’s core DAM user groups is the Creative team, which leverages the brand and marketing assets within the DAM to bring their projects to life. Not only is it important for ONNIT that these users can quickly locate the assets they need to use for projects, but they also wanted teams to have a streamlined way to review and approve content, thereby increasing output and speed to market.

With Tenovos’ dynamic customization and integration functionalities, ONNIT has the ability to establish workflows and set them to automatically initiate tasks and integrations with various tools. Stakeholders who need to participate in the review processes are both identified and pre-set in the DAM, and automation keeps teams informed on reviews and approvals with notifications, enabling a seamless and speedy journey through the asset lifecycle to market. This process also ensures brand compliance by mitigating the risk of human error – teams can rest assured that all published assets have been reviewed and approved by all relevant stakeholders.

Key features:

Accelerate time to market with external content sharing

When ONNIT first approached its DAM project, content was excruciatingly hard to find for internal teams and eating up hundreds of valuable hours per year. In addition to the challenge this posed for internal teams, ONNIT’s external teams and partners were also being bogged down by the disorganization of their assets.

Today, ONNIT’s assets are centralized and can also easily be curated for external sharing directly in the DAM. Tenovos facilitates the secure, seamless sharing of assets while maintaining control over permissions to view and download assets. ONNIT is also able to access a concrete paper trail of edits, uploads, and downloads of assets, keeping users accountable for any asset manipulation and publishing. 

Leveraging Tenovos’ Storyboards feature, any external partner can access the system and find only the content they need. This has significantly reduced the number of inbound content requests from ONNIT’s partners, saved search time, and increased the speed to market for partner-related programs.

Key features:

Tenovos and AWS for CPG

Tenovos is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a secure, centralized, cloud-based DAM, so CPG customers like ONNIT experience unprecedented performance, security, and extensibility levels. 

Tenovos utilizes AWS Cloudfront to reduce the latency of centralizing, managing, organizing, and activating product and marketing content. No matter a user’s location or the size of a file,  assets are accessible in near real-time so that creative productivity is never compromised. Additionally, CPG content can be published to customer-facing channels, including social media, web, and email, directly from Tenovos. This capability with AWS streamlines a traditionally complex process while delivering valuable insights into content performance.


ONNIT & Tenovos: Partners for long-term success

As a rapidly scaling CPG brand, ONNIT relies on Tenovos as a partner that will grow alongside its business. Whether that means adding more storage or integrations, the continual growth of annual content uploads, or user growth, Tenovos is structured to scale with the needs of enterprise businesses like ONNIT. Tenovos’ ease of use as a DAM platform and productivity and content-sharing tool has led to a 98% user adoption rate at ONNIT, indicative of the massive value that users are already deriving from the platform.

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