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Retailers who need to stand out online and off

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Connect Your Digital Ecosystem

With an ever-increasing proportion of retail purchases shifting to ecommerce today, a modern, data-first DAM is a must-have foundational tool for large-scale retail businesses. Whether your business has an established eCommerce presence or your company is undergoing a major digital transformation, a DAM built for automation and integration can be your competitive edge.

Powered by AWS, Tenovos provides a plethora of integrations that allow for the automatic sharing of key details alongside your assets – like product data from your PIM systems or SEO tags from your DAM – to keep all your relevant data intact.

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Find The Images That Resonate

When your DAM integrates directly with the systems that serve your ecommerce images to sales pages, you can gather valuable insights about what resonates with your customer base that can be used to optimize your current and future marketing strategy.

Do product images that feature people motivate your customers more, or are macro product shots more impactful?

This kind of content intelligence can lead to huge improvements in performance across your portfolio of products.

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Easily Keep Curated Collections Up To Date


It can be difficult to keep every asset relevant and every campaign current throughout the year, especially when you have multiple retail locations. The right asset management system can go a long way toward automating that work and helping to keep your seasonal go-to-market activities in sync.

With Tenovos, you can easily create curated boards with the right permissions and security templates that can provide convenient access to the collateral, signage, and other assets your retail stores require. You can also set assets to expire automatically when they’re no longer relevant so your campaigns stay consistent across locations.

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Story Management

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Story Orchestration

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Story Activation

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