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Story Orchestration

From workflow approvals to intellectual property management, to curating content collections, a lot of complexity goes into getting your assets ready for prime time. Streamline and automate those workflows with Story Orchestration.

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How quickly can your teams create and share relevant content with your audience?

Streamline Creative

Review & Proofing

By integrating with your creative suite, reviews, markups, annotations, and approvals can all be managed within Story Orchestration, allowing you to streamline activities to deliver enhanced productivity and keep projects on track. Workflow automation provides internal and external teams with real-time visibility and notifications, ensuring everyone is in sync and aware.

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Customizable and Scalable Rights Management

Easily create and control rights and usage governance for assets across channels, campaigns, teams, brands, and geographies. Access usage rights instantly, and apply rights dynamically to improve productivity. Embed an approval process to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and get alerted if licenses are about to expire or need renewal.

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Share Assets With Confidence

Distribute final assets in secure, customized boards without worrying about size limits or other technical restrictions. Collections can be easily curated for sales teams, partners, and agencies so they only view the content you want them to. All rights management and intellectual property rules are dynamically adhered to, and collections can be pulled with a click of a button should they expire or no longer be relevant. You can even build engaging brand portals to share important brand assets and guidelines with your partners, ensuring brand consistency across channels.

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Essential Usage and Productivity Insights

Through workflow automation, you can monitor and track assets through the various stages of their lifecycle. Maintain compliance, security, and governance by reporting and auditing your assets’ use across internal teams and third parties. Improve productivity and efficiency by identifying and removing workflow and distribution roadblocks.

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Configure multi-stage workflows, including rerouting, and assign tasks without any coding

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Automatically alert users when assets or projects are assigned to them or require approval

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Easily build personalized brand portals for sharing curated content with external partners

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Create configurable request forms code free that require usage information for approval

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Role-based rights for user groups that can auto-approve or route requests for approval

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Track and display who is using assets where, and how, both internally and externally

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, analyze, and optimize