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Produce & Localize Creative Assets At Scale

One of the most time-consuming tasks for creative and marketing teams is to manually localize assets into different languages. With Tenovos, brands can automatically generate new assets based on the translated content. Furthermore, these creative assets can be added to pre-defined promotional templates, saving time and money while expediting speed to market.

Streamline the cumbersome process of creating promotional content at scale by leveraging built-in dynamic localization and templates.

Localization Made Easy

Brands can quickly create localized derivatives of assets by leveraging translations housed in a PIM or other third party. This removes a heavy burden from the brand teams, who often spend countless hours manually translating content. One global toy manufacturing company saves $1.4 million per year by reducing the creative costs required to generate translated renditions manually.

Empower Sales & Partners to Generate Marketing Materials

Taking final assets from your DAM and creating engaging promotional content needn’t be a lengthy, time-consuming process. With Tenovos, creative assets can be securely shared with sales, partners, and other customer-facing teams to drag and drop into pre-approved brand templates for quick and easy distribution.

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Publish, Track & Measure Content Across Channels & Campaigns

Your finished assets needn’t fall into a black hole once they leave the DAM. With Tenovos, we can publish, track, and measure the performance of your content across channels (social, web, email) and campaigns, empowering creative teams with the data to make informed decisions on optimizing future content.

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What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance