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DAM workflow tools
to stay connected and automate processes

Seamlessly connect creative and marketing teams, and integrate the systems they need to be successful.

Go With a New Flow

A DAM that pulls its weight on your marketing team shouldn’t just store finished assets; it should route and track them through their lifecycle.

Tenovos offers integrated DAM workflow tools that seamlessly move content from person to person within a customizable workflow and speed up review and approval collaboration with helpful features like direct asset annotating.

A logical flow that keeps everyone on the same page means making better content faster, and never having to decide between final_final.jpg and NEW_final_final.jpg ever again.

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Let Automation Lend a Hand

Adding a content orchestration platform that has thoughtful automations can feel like getting new team members with increasing headcount. Automated DAM workflow templates can be easily set up once and then guide every piece along the way with triggered notifications when deadlines approach, or when it’s time for the next person in line to review.

In fact, you may never hear questions like “can you remind me where we are with this?” or “are you guys waiting on me for that?” again.

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Connect Every Dot

In addition to connecting team members, you need a system that can quickly and reliably integrate with the creative tools they use every day. Our tools can move assets seamlessly back and forth between the DAM and tools like Adobe Creative Suite, keeping your creators in flow. And when all your systems are connected, you can collect data at every stage of the content lifecycle and from systems like your PIM to create a holistic view that leads to important insights about your process and performance.

And speaking of staying connected, Tenovos can make automated language translations to empower global teams throughout the process.

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See how global brands are using Tenovos

Curious how Tenovos can integrate with your existing creative technologies?

Our cloud-native architecture and innovative connector framework let us build integrations in 4–6 weeks with your existing creative suite so you can quickly start realizing productivity gains.

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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