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Inclusive Metadata:

A Guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Digital Asset Management

Learn how to make your DAM a more diverse, equitable and respectful system with inclusive metadata. 

Gain insights into how your content reflects the diversity of your brand, and improve the DAM experience for users with this free, step-by-step guide, authored by DEI Metadata Consultant, Sharon Mizota.

Inclusive Metadata: A Guide to DEI in DAM covers:

Group 2548

Why applying a DEI lens is important in DAM (hint: your assets reflect your brand)

Group 2547

Defining inclusive metadata

Group 2555

Four core DEI principles to apply to your DAM

Group 2549

Three DEI-related metadata issues you’re likely to encounter and how to handle them

Group 2546

Who should take responsibility for a DEI approach to DAM and what they can do

Group 2550

Best practices and helpful resources