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Increase content ROI with the help of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology that Tenovos is using to make DAM users more productive, while making content easier to find and reuse. Whether your DAM is full of visual assets or videos, our AI capabilities help you get the most value out of your creative assets.

Leverage artificial intelligence to automatically describe your assets and give you insights along the asset lifecycle.

Automate content tagging at scale

The tedious and error-prone era of manual content tagging is over. With AI, Tenovos will automatically apply metadata tags to your content that describe the asset in a way users will understand – and search for – increasing content discoverability and reuse across your library.

Accelerate video production with AI insights

With the help of AI, video editors have a built-in assistant that eliminates the need to watch every clip from start to finish. From identifying key subjects in videos to making clips searchable, AI lets editors move quickly to publish videos faster than ever before.

DAM for Video Asset Management

Save time and money on accessibility and localization

Global enterprise brands are spending large sums on video localization and accessibility – money that could be put to good use elsewhere. With AI, Tenovos automatically transcribes video content and provides translations in multiple languages at the click of a button, increasing speed to market while reducing costs.

What else can your next DAM do?

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Centralize & Share Brand Assets

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Automate Workflows & Processes

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Govern Global Rights & Licensing

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Empower Sales Teams and Partners

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Activate Content Across Channels

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Measure Content Performance