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Tenovos Connect

You’re clicks away from improving productivity. 

Tenovos Connect provides out-of-the-box integrations with the 1000+ cloud and on-prem apps that our customers use to share data, automate workflows, collaborate, and more. With Tenovos Connect, you can build workflows that contain as much granularity as you need to sync data between your Tenovos DAM and external systems.

Let everyone on your team work how they want, and extend the value of your technology investment.

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About Tenovos Connect

Low Code / No Code

connectors available in Tenovos Connect combine an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer apps, enabling both technical and non-technical teams to build, test, and deliver integrations faster than ever.


Ease of integration offers the flexibility to reconfigure your tech stack to meet changing business needs in today’s digital landscape. Tenovos Connect quickly scales to support both small and large enterprises with simple or complex integrations.

Highly Customizable

Tenovos Connect empowers you to select the best technology for every aspect of your media supply chain and connect them all – without being handcuffed to a suite of products by one vendor.

Low Maintenance

While traditional integrations involve managing a code repository, including patching, upgrades, and security requirements, with Tenovos Connect, you’re kept up to date automatically. There are no external code libraries or framework versions to update.


Tenovos Connect is extensible, allowing new applications to be added beyond the many available. A REST app supports seamless integration with any system that has a REST API – no coding required. Extend existing connectors via the SDK or REST app functions. Plus, a public API allows third-party apps control of recipes even without a a designated connector.


Get a thousand-foot view of your entire integration portfolio in one place. From activity logs to visual graphs of every application and its use, Tenovos Connect provides comprehensive analytics and insights, allowing you to accelerate time to value and add efficiency to project management.


Visualizing your integration with Tenovos Connect makes inefficiencies easy to spot, resulting in significantly less complex and easier-to-sustain integrations. With every step of your integration naturally documented, you’ll never worry again about out-of-date documentation or complex updates.

Browse Connectors

Explore connectors based on your use cases and current (or future) tech stack.

Please note this list comprises a selection of the most popular integrations. Don’t see an integration you’re looking for? Connect with our team here for more information.

Cloud File Storage & Sharing

Connect your storage and sharing systems to seamlessly ingest content into Tenovos and create one source of truth for your content. Maintain the integrity of your assets and data, improve content discoverability, and create more opportunities for content reuse.

azure 01 connect
google drive 01

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Content Management System (CMS)

Streamline your workflows with seamless access to your Tenovos content directly in your web content management platform. Effortlessly add and update images, videos, text, and more on webpages, accelerating content distribution.


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Creative & AI Tools

Connect your creative & AI tools with Tenovos to enrich asset metadata, analyze content, generate new content, translate content, and more!


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Seamlessly publish your product imagery, associated product information, and brand-approved content from Tenovos directly to your e-commerce platform. Get products to market at speed and scale, maintaining brand consistency across your online store.

salesforce commerce cloud

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Messaging & Notifications

Connect Tenovos with your communications platforms to get real-time notifications about your digital assets, improper use, creative reviews, legal approvals, metadata edits, security changes, and more. 

workbot slack

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Enrich your digital assets with accurate and up-to-date product information, empowering your teams to find content faster, match assets with product details, and publish that content to your e-commerce site quickly and at scale. 

adeona pim

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Connect Tenovos and your favorite productivity and collaboration tools to incorporate digital assets into your daily workflows and sync information back to Tenovos. 

google Calendar
google sheets
google docs
excel logo

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Project Management

Access and share your digital assets within project workflows, ensuring teams have the latest and greatest content at their fingertips. Streamline communication throughout the content lifecycle and leverage automation to speed up review and approval processes.

adobe workfront

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Sales & Marketing Tools

Empower your teams to easily access brand-approved digital assets from Tenovos DAM for marketing campaigns and sales collateral. Deliver compelling and brand-consistent messaging across all customer touchpoints. 

adobe campaign
google ads
sales mkt cloud
sap sales cloud

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Social Media

Seamlessly access and post your finished digital assets across various social channels directly from Tenovos DAM, ensuring the correct and brand-consistent version is always published. Pair your assets with performance data to empower teams to create optimized content.


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