Story Activation

You’ve invested so many resources and money into content creation, it’s time to start reporting on the impact it’s having on your business growth. With Story Activation, you can quickly publish and track content performance and obtain real-time insights with advanced data asset management.

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Do you know how well your content is actually performing?

Quickly Publish Content with Confidence

By leveraging a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN), assets can be pushed to eCommerce sites, email, social media, and more for fast consumption. Any changes required to assets after publication can be managed within Tenovos and simply updated across all channels instantly. Similarly, assets can be pulled back with just a click of a button if necessary.

Dynamic Channel Optimization

Automatically package and publish content variations and renditions for different channels or syndication. Use brand and style templates that prepare and govern your assets into channel-ready formats for social media, eCommerce, print, and more, removing reliance on agencies or internal terms.

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Track Content Performance

Obtain real-time insights into how your content is being used and who is using it. With built-in governance reporting, you can be alerted when digital assets or a collection of digital assets are utilized, including by whom and when. Alerts can also include spikes in usage and other unusual behavior.

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Publish to — and pull assets from — your eCommerce site with the season or as you optimize

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Publish and pull assets and metadata to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others

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Track asset and campaign performance and measure the impact on conversion and revenue

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Dynamically create assets in the correct formats for social and eCommerce distribution

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, analyze, and optimize