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Story Activation

You’ve invested so much time and money into content creation, it’s time to report on the impact it’s having on your business. With Story Activation, you can quickly publish content to customer-facing channels, track performance and obtain real-time insights with advanced data asset management.

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Do you know how well your content is actually performing?

Publish Directly to Customer-Facing Channels

Tenovos streamlines the content rendering and publishing process, allowing users to automatically optimize content for, and publish it to, social, eCommerce, web, syndication, and email channels for fast consumption. Whether you’re publishing directly to customer-facing channels, or sharing content with agency partners, our built-in content delivery network (CDN) ensures there’s no delay getting your content where it needs to go.

Track Your Content

Knowing where your assets are published and how they’re being used is important to brands who want the most value out of their content. Tenovos tracks your content from the moment it leaves the DAM, letting you see what is (and isn’t ) being used, where, and how, providing you insights for impactful content reuse, and helping to ensure your assets are being used the way they were intended.

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Measure Content Impact

Tenovos measures content performance at the asset-level, providing a holistic view of content, channel and campaign performance. Even when asset derivatives are created, metrics can be attributed back to the original file. These insights help creative teams build more impactful assets, while helping marketing teams understand their true content ROI.

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Publish assets directly to your eCommerce site, social media platforms, and more

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Track where your content lives across digital channels, all from within your DAM

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Measure asset performance and identify opportunities for impactful content reuse

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Automatically pull published content back into your DAM when needed

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Dynamically rendition assets in the correct formats for social and eCommerce publishing

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Share content with agencies and partners, and track their usage of your assets

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Story Management

Organize, tag, and govern

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Story Orchestration

Create, approve, and share

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Story Activation

Publish, track, and measure