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Brown-Forman Corporation & Tenovos

Global Marketing & Content Distribution

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Measuring the impact of creative assets on revenue

Brown-Forman owns some of the world’s most iconic fine liquor brands – Jack Daniels and el Jimador tequila – to name a few. As part of a digital content modernization project spearheaded by their CMO and CTO, Brown-Forman wanted to consolidate and streamline the process of making global content available to their wholesalers and retailers, but with that came a couple of big challenges. 

First, distributing brand-approved assets at scale was hard, and maintaining brand consistency was challenging. Secondly, it was nearly impossible to know exactly which creative assets were having the most impact on revenue. That is – until they moved to the Tenovos modern DAM. Through Tenovos, Brown-Forman can manage the entire asset lifecycle – from content ideation and creation to distribution and, yes, performance measurement – all from within one integrated DAM technology.

How Tenovos provides value to Brown-Forman

Performance measurement

Brown-Forman’s vision is to understand how assets are being used and performing at all stages of their lifecycle. From ideation to publication, the company uses Tenovos to track its assets, how (and if) they’re being used, and to understand if there are opportunities to streamline their complex content creation process. 

While today’s insights are focused on productivity and distribution metrics, Tenovos will soon deliver the ability to understand which assets perform best across channels and, using AI, deliver specific insights around which elements of an asset lead to stronger performance by audience.

Key features:

Content reuse and distribution at scale

Brown-Forman works with global agencies and partners that create and distribute content around the world. But they also have local internal teams creating assets, which are uploaded into the Tenovos DAM and made available to other markets.

Centralizing assets with Tenovos enables the reuse of any brand-approved asset created for, or by, Brown-Forman by teams anywhere in the world. This content can also be distributed through secure Storyboards, ensuring only brand and market-approved assets are accessible to global teams.

Key features:

Creative automation and enablement

Building on its global distribution process, Brown-Forman uses dynamic templates to share brand-approved, editable assets with its retail partners worldwide. This enables partners and agencies to create their own customized content for their region without the risk of breaching Brown-Forman’s brand guidelines.

Key features:

Tenovos DAM integrations

Integrated enterprise tech stack

Brown-Forman’s ultimate vision for their enterprise tech stack is to have a completely integrated ecosystem within which the Tenovos DAM plays a vital role. Already, Tenovos is integrated with four technologies to seamlessly pass assets and data between systems.

As Brown-Forman evaluates and implements other technologies into their ecosystem, Tenovos will be connected and empower a transparency, data-first model to creative asset creation, distribution, and optimization.

Key features:

Tenovos and AWS

Tenovos has partnered with AWS to help customers accelerate their cloud journeys and achieve their business goals by migrating their workloads to Tenovos on AWS. Through this collaboration, we provide the most innovative, modern digital asset management platform built using the most compelling AWS services and products, including: 

  • Compute 
  • Storage 
  • Database 
  • Networking & Content Delivery 
  • Analytics 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Security, Identity & Compliance

Brown-Forman & Tenovos: Partners for optimized content creation & delivery

Tenovos and Brown-Forman are closely aligned on the brand’s global vision for its creative processes and content program. From boosting team productivity and content ROI through the enablement of effective content reuse and automation to the future of data-driven content performance optimization when their tech ecosystem is integrated, Tenovos will be a value-driving technology for Brown-Forman for years to come.

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