Story Streams

Making the content lifecycle agile, iterative, and fluid.

Orchestrating the art of the possible. Powered by people, ideas, and information.


Streamline Workflows

Best practice work-streams unify teams, content, and activities to deliver enhanced productivity and process efficiency.

Connect Creative Teams

Make it easy to bring internal and external teams and stakeholders together governed by established process, while maintaining the integrity of the creative process.

Enhanced Automation

Automating your flows is code-free and allows storytellers to focus on making impactful decisions and clearing any bottlenecks in the story-to-experience process.

Fewer Mistakes and Faster Completion

Markup, annotation, and commenting tools allow creative teams to collect and share effective, actionable feedback, keeping creative projects on track.
Story Streams Review and Approval Dashboard

Creative Review and Proofing

Standardize your review and approval processes across all media types. Provide internal and external team members with real-time visibility and notifications, ensuring everyone is in sync and aware.

Channel Optimization

Schedule and automatically package and publish content variations and renditions for different channels or syndication. Use brand and style templates that prepare and govern your assets into story ready formats.
Story Streams Campaign Management Dashboard

Cloud Integration and Orchestration

Create and manage integrations that augment asset metadata. Product, Brand, Customer, and Channel data can be orchestrated though advanced microservices between various enterprise systems and applications.

Tenovos Story Streams Asset Lifecycle Tracking
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