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ASM Empowers Marketing Storytellers to Create, Curate and Grow Their Brand with Content, While Engaging Consumers Across Brand, Customer and Product Experiences

New YorkMarch 5, 2020Tenovos, the company powering stories worth telling, today announced the launch of its flagship product Active Story Management (ASM)™. Tenovos ASM shatters the content status quo by approaching modern-day content challenges differently. Instead of looking at content as standalone assets, Tenovos ASM introduces a layer of context and intelligence across the entire content supply chain that helps marketers see content as stories that empower their overarching brand experience.

The platform consists of four key modules. Together, they will help brand marketers transform their enterprise into a scalable storytelling engine that drives their brand, customer, and product experiences. The four modules are:

  • Story Manager: The heart of any story being told. Story Manager is a role based environment designed to initiate, define, task, and manage story content creation.
  • Story Streams: The operational elements for cross-functional collaboration. Story Streams creates specific workflows and processes designed to accelerate the most important tasks across creative, marketing, and commerce.
  • Story Insights: The brains behind the story. Story Insights is an end-to-end cognitive engine that captures aggregate performance data gathered across  Story Streams,  Story Manager, and other external systems to generate insights, recommendations, visualizations, reports, and value measurements.
  • Story Cloud: The Tenovos Cloud Platform provides a webscale, microservices-based architecture and APIs that appreciate enterprise requirements for content and data integration as well as understand the needs of marketing teams who are creating and consuming the assets.

“Brands must produce content at lightning speeds and exponential volumes to inform, connect, entertain, and inspire product and customer experiences,” said D. Scott Bowen, CEO of Tenovos. “Traditional underlying content platforms can’t keep up because they inhibit scale and collaboration, and they lack the intelligence that connects the dots for marketers so they can make better story decisions. Tenovos ASM attacks the problem differently by providing a fully integrated, scalable platform that covers the entire lifecycle of content and intelligently weaves content assets into an overarching brand story.”

“It’s clear that the market is undergoing a significant shift with regard to the role of content in the creative supply chain,” said Ken Madsen, founder at MAD – Creative Production and adviser to Tenovos. “As we look to develop more detailed, tailored experiences for our customers, the role of content becomes even more critical. Tenovos is taking a different approach that will connect the dots between the most critical phases of our creative process, while adding a layer of intelligence that ensures users are maximizing the value of their content investment and telling a more intricate story to their consumers.”

Brands like Glossier, The Kraft Heinz Company, Brown-Forman, and others have transformed their experience strategy using Tenovos ASM. For more information about Tenovos or to request a demo of Tenovos ASM please visit and follow the company on Twitter at @TenovosASM.


About Tenovos

Tenovos powers stories worth telling. The company’s Active Story Management (ASM) platform empowers marketing storytellers to create, curate and growth their brand with content, while engaging consumers across brand, customer and product experiences. Consumer brands in CPG, retail, travel and hospitality and food and beverage, use Tenovos’ cognitive technology to elevate content assets to stories using data and experience.

Tenovos is privately held and headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles and Austin. For more information, please visit

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