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Laying the Foundation:
Data In Digital Asset Management

Data is the foundation of any successful DAM system. Getting it right means increasing your team’s productivity, improving brand integrity, and having the ability to measure the ROI of your DAM and digital assets.

In this four part podcast series, Tenovos CMO Michael Waldron speaks with leading digital asset management experts about all things data in DAM. From how to start out your data journey to what the future of data in DAM could look like, we tackle it all.

Episode 1: Laying the Foundation 

Guest: John Horodysky,
Executive Director, Salt Flats LLC

Data is the foundation of your DAM. From the differences between structured and unstructured data, to defining metadata and governance, John explores the ways data impacts your DAM, your people, and your performance.

Episode 2: The Power of Keywords

Guest: Clemency Wright,
Founder & Director, Clemency Wright Consulting Ltd.

Keywords have the power to define an asset beyond its obvious characteristics, letting users search for content in more meaningful ways. Clemency helps us understand keywords and the importance of controlled vocabularies.

Episode 3: Using Your Data to Maximize ROI

Guest: Madi Solomon,
Principal Consultant, ICP

Madi helps us understand how to calculate the elusive ROI in digital asset management. She discusses the importance of maintaining healthy data, while tackling importance issues like diversity, equity and inclusion in DAM.

Episode 4: The Future of Data in DAM

Guest: Kristina Huddart,
Digital Asset Management Specialist & Consultant, Huddart  Consulting

The future is now. How does artificial intelligence and machine learning provide value in digital asset management today? Kristina shares her research and experience with AI, and sets the record straight on what this technology really means for DAM.