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The Digital Asset Management (DAM) category has been around for decades. Originally a repository to archive content, modern DAMs now offer functionality to support much of the asset lifecycle from creation to final approval.

Despite this evolution in DAM, most brands aren’t seeing a return on their investment. The technology struggles to adapt to existing internal creative processes, either through lack of scalability or the need for constant ongoing customization that requires significant time, money, and resources. 

By not supporting existing creative processes, DAMs are forcing teams to change the way they work. That ultimately impacts user adoption, and leads the DAM to no longer be the one source of truth for content.

What's the answer?

Most global brands need an enterprise DAM. They require a scalable platform that includes key functionality to support the entire asset lifecycle, including integrated approval and workflow, rights management, and user management. 

They also need a DAM that can be easily customized on an ongoing basis to support their existing processes, including integration with a brand’s current martech stack. All of this should be possible without months of work and thousands of dollars and hours invested on an ongoing basis.

Configuring your modern DAM with Tenovos

Tenovos is a data-first modern DAM that marries enterprise functionality with adaptability and scalability. Cloud-first and built on the latest APIs and microservices, our platform is flexible enough to support and enhance a brand’s existing creative process and tech stack. 

While technology is at the forefront, it’s only as strong as the implementation and strategy that supports it. At Tenovos, we work with every client to ensure the underlying foundation is in place for both the DAM’s implementation, and on an ongoing basis to ensure continued success. That means we work with you on important steps like building a metadata structure and taxonomy, configuring user roles and permissions, workflow optimization, and system training.

Our configurability means whatever strategies and processes you want to implement with your DAM – whether those are brand new or you want to tie into existing ones within the organization currently – we can do it. And unlike other vendors who offer customizations with a price tag and dev work, Tenovos is fully configurable through our modern UI, meaning you have the power to do whatever you want, without any extra costs or downtime.

Such examples of easy configurability within the Tenovos platform include:

If your DAM can’t apply these types of functionalities to your existing processes, then all the bells and whistles in the world won’t drive user adoption and the system will fail. Instead, join these amazing brands with Tenovos – let us seamlessly integrate and connect to your organization, and start improving your team productivity, content ROI, and overall performance. 

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