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Tenovos Starts 2022 with Strong Momentum, Executive Team Hires, and New Capabilities 

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Leading brands continue to choose the company’s data-first DAM platform, fueling major growth across the business

New York – February 10, 2022Tenovos, provider of intuitive, data-first Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, has doubled its revenue in 2021, fueled by the continued rapid adoption of its platform by major leading enterprise brands. Tenovos begins the year with a strong team that is reinforced by key strategic leadership hires, and an updated brand that reflects its mission to help users streamline and automate the traditional complexities of creating and activating global content.

“This is an exciting time to be in the DAM space,” said D. Scott Bowen, CEO of Tenovos. “We’re seeing a renaissance in the market, fueled by increasing awareness on the part of large enterprise businesses that content needs to be treated as a first-class citizen – they’re expecting much more now from their DAM than just the traditional archival functionality. They expect to be able to ignite productivity and activate their content across channels directly. We’re excited and humbled to see big brands embracing our vision to expand the DAM category into productivity and performance, and take its rightful place in the modern tech stack.”

Customer Growth

The exponential growth Tenovos has experienced over the past year was due in large part to platform adoption by notable enterprise brands across industries, including CPG, retail, direct-to-consumer, and media & entertainment.

“We’ve long recognized the importance of having a DAM that could not only organize our content but also help us manage our complex rights agreements,” said Claudia Ortiz, Senior Digital Asset Manager of Amazon XCM (Cross Channel Marketing), a recent addition to the Tenovos family. “After a thorough evaluation of the market, we chose to work with Tenovos because their tools and capabilities were a great match for our needs. We can’t wait to finish our implementation and start reaping the benefits of the new addition to our ecosystem.”

New Capabilities

Launching several key capabilities last year, the Tenovos platform has expanded well beyond the traditional DAM space to include:

    • Rights Management (Story Rights): a new way to track and govern rights-managed assets and evaluate the value of an asset against the cost of its acquisition and usage  
    • Curated Collections (Story Board): microsites that increase efficiency by helping marketers and asset managers quickly create personalized portals that can be shared with agencies, sales teams, clients, or any external partner 
    • Automated Interoperability (Story Link): a framework that builds connections between a company’s DAM, the creative software its teams use to create content, and the distribution channels for that content – such as websites, eCommerce, and social media
    • Content Publishing (Content Delivery Network) – a native CDN that allows for approved content to be published across digital channels such as web, ecommerce, and email

Key Executive Hires in 2021

In November, Tenovos announced the arrival of 15-year DAM industry veteran Mark Finch, who joined the company as Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Europe. Finch has been developing the European sales strategy while helping the company scale its operations and footprint across Europe.

In December, Michael Waldron joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing nearly two decades of marketing leadership experience which he will leverage to drive the company’s growth initiatives, elevating brand awareness and demand among the companies who would most benefit from the platform.

Brand Update

As the company moves into its next phase of growth, Tenovos has sharpened its brand identity and website experience, reinforcing its focus on enterprise B2C brands across CPG, retail, direct-to-consumer, and media & entertainment.

“We wanted our brand to not only encapsulate the vitality our customers inject into their own storytelling but also humanize our approach and be empathetic to the challenges DAM users face,” said Michael Waldron, CMO of Tenovos.

“On that note, we plan on providing insightful best practices and thought leadership to empower marketing and creative teams to be more productive and create engaging content that makes them and their brands stand out.”

About Tenovos

Tenovos is a data-first digital asset management platform, intuitively designed to empower brands to streamline and automate the traditional complexities of creating and activating global content. For more information, visit

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