User Adoption Toolkit

Tools & templates to drive adoption of your new digital asset management platform

The User Adoption Toolkit is a collection of templates and tools you can download for free and use today to improve user adoption of your digital asset management platform. You can download the entire toolkit (as a .zip file) or click the individual items below.

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The User Adoption Toolkit was developed collaboratively between 

User Adoption Toolkit

Communications Plan

This document includes timelines and milestones for communicating with your DAM stakeholders, along with a communications schedule and messaging you can use to drive user adoption.

Download the Communications Plan

Change Management Plan

This editable document walks you through the process of building an executing a change management plan, complete with templates and guidance to help drive user adoption of your DAM platform.

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Project Brief

This brief is a collection of questions your stakeholder group should answer before selecting (or implementing) your new DAM. It will help create alignment between your DAM and the wider business objectives, and also act as an outline for key functional requirements of the new platform.

Download the Project Brief

Implementation Checklist

This checklist outlines important steps during the implementation process that will help improve DAM user adoption after the platform is live. Use this as a guide, and add in steps as needed for your organization’s unique requirements.

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