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Save Your Creative Team Weeks Of Work With Dynamic Localization

Learn how to dynamically generate assets based on language translations, create versions for different channels or campaigns, and enable customer-facing teams to effortlessly produce brand-approved materials with templates.

Creating assets in multiple languages is one of the most painstaking but necessary steps for a creative team to manage as part of a global campaign. You take the original, apply the translation, and then create a ton of different renditions for each channel and campaign. Over and over and over again.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

Tracy Askam, Vice President of Customer Success, and Michael Waldron, CMO of Tenovos, explain how you can empower your creative and marketing teams to automate this tedious process and save weeks of work.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to dynamically generate new assets based on language translations
  • How to generate different renditions based on channel or campaign
  • How to leverage templates to empower customer-facing teams to create their brand-approved materials without burdening creative

The Speakers

tracy tenovos

Tracy Askam
VP of Customer Success

With over 18 years of experience in the DAM industry, Tracy Askam brings a wealth of expertise in helping global organizations leverage their assets effectively.

As the VP of Customer Success at Tenovos, Tracy is passionate about highlighting the significance of DAM in establishing a strong digital foundation and identifying how to make Tenovos customers successful.

Tracy has a diverse background in sales, engineering, services, support, marketing, and product management, focusing on large enterprise solutions and implementations in various markets, including digital asset management, interaction management, and commercial/industrial control management.


Mike Waldron

Michael Waldron is an enterprise software CMO obsessed with empowering companies to tell data-driven, engaging, and impactful stories that drive business growth.

As CMO at Tenovos, Michael is pushing brands to rethink their perspective of digital asset management (DAM) and how it can significantly improve employee productivity and content performance.

Prior to joining Tenovos, Michael’s 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS Marketing included senior Marketing positions at Uberflip, NewStore, and Black Duck Software.

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