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Maximizing User Adoption: Tips from the Pros

Introducing a new digital asset management platform is a huge project, one that can feel insurmountable. To prepare yourself to implement a new DAM and manage the process, it is absolutely essential to have a plan for change management. This will proactively engage all stakeholders and give you a forward-thinking approach to user adoption; which in turn, will drive the success of your DAM.

Your users need to find value in your DAM, or else they won’t use it. This means having ways to show them quick wins and demonstrate value, often with insights and use cases that are relevant to them and their role within your organization.

Join us for guidance from change management pro Kristina Huddart, a DAM specialist and consultant with almost 10 years of experience in the industry. Huddart will be joined by Tracy Askam, VP of Customer Success at Tenovos, who will share insights on DAM users and how to cater to each user group in order to drive success within your teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of change management in DAM implementations
  • Pro-tips on managing user adoption when implementing a DAM
  • How to define each DAM user and their individual needs


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