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No time to watch? Check out the blog recap here.

Case Study: How Brown-Forman Optimized their Creative Production Lifecycle

No time to watch? Check out the blog recap here.

Brand teams are expected to create more content than ever before, yet according to Forrester Research, 33% of B2C marketers say that deciding what content to make is the greatest challenge they’ll face over the next two years. It’s a challenge because of the content black hole, a lack of visibility into not only where content internally resides, but also where it’s published and, most importantly, how it’s performing. Without these insights, brands continue to churn out content that isn’t optimized, and often never gets used.

In this webinar, Alex Nicolaica, Digital Director of Brown Forman and Cheryl Wibberley, Performance Director, will discuss how they’re building efficiency across their asset production chain to drive creative excellence, including:

  • Encouraging content reuse by improving findability
  • Ensuring content compliance and consistency across channels and campaigns
  • Streamlining the content creation process to improve speed to market
  • Leveraging content performance insights and metadata to optimize future content creation
  • The role of DAM and other technologies in supporting the asset lifecycle


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