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Insurance Case Study

Compliance & Marketing Operations

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Insurance Company Overview

Medicare Insurance,

Life Insurance,

Financing and Mortgages





Streamlining marketing operations and upholding compliance

This leading insurance company is a pioneer in the industry, trusted by millions of individual and corporate customers across the United States. In the highly regulated industry, this company needed a secure and centralized digital asset management system (DAM) to support their compliance workflows with various content-related regulations while enabling them to produce marketing campaigns rapidly.

Before using Tenovos, pre-existing fragmented digital asset storage created opportunities for duplication that made finding the correct asset time-consuming. It also increased the likelihood of teams using an out-of-date or non-compliant asset. Further, when regulations differ across states and campaigns, manual compliance approval workflows are intricate and can be prone to human error. These challenges were both slowing down the creative process and increasing risk.

However, with Tenovos’ modern DAM, this insurance company now has secure and centralized asset management, can store historical data, define compliance workflows, and automate approval processes with the DAM as an integral part of their digital ecosystem. Utilizing workflow automation to ensure that all content flows through their proper compliance and governance requirements, this insurance company has increased team collaboration, reduced risk, and achieved impeccable compliance with the DAM as the foundation.

How Tenovos Supports Insurance Companies

Secure and centralized asset management

One of the primary challenges this business faced was the cumbersome, archaic storage of content using hard drives, leading to inefficiencies with both time and resources due to limited remote accessibility. Tenovos is delivered as a SaaS platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide clients with a secure, centralized, cloud-based DAM that significantly reduces the latency of centralizing, managing, and organizing product and marketing content.

With Tenovos, remote employees can access up-to-date assets seamlessly from anywhere they are working, resulting in highly accelerated productivity. This accessibility is achieved through Tenovos’ cloud-based architecture and advanced search capabilities, eliminating the need for teams to navigate complex folder structures. Employees can quickly retrieve assets and redirect their energy and focus to creativity and production.

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In a highly regulated industry with varying state-specific regulations, this financial services client needs to be sure that any content pushed out to consumers matches the necessary compliance requirements and is pre-approved correctly through the compliance workflows.

Tenovos offers processes and tools that allow creative teams to both define and automate customized compliance workflows. With Tenovos, the automation of these workflows facilitates a smooth and efficient compliance process, ensuring content is appropriately reviewed and approved by the relevant teams.

All essential metadata and licensing information is stored directly in the DAM, eliminating the need for teams to create patchwork processes between multiple tools. Historical data stored within the DAM is a reliable source of truth, enhancing brand consistency and mitigating the chances of non-compliant assets being used in content and campaigns. Automating approval processes has instilled confidence in compliance for marketing operations, allowing for speed to market with certainty.

Key features:

Secure Team Sharing

Tenovos facilitates the seamless and secure sharing of assets among various teams within the business. Asset managers now find it quick and easy to locate, curate, and share content with the relevant teams, such as the digital teams responsible for creating social posts, ads, print, and email campaigns. The future state envisioned by the company is to provide access across the organization to all assets, such as logos, documents, and marketing materials through the DAM, based on employee-specific permissions. This secure user access from a central source will further increase marketing operations efficiency and regulation.

Additionally, the DAM’s capability to create a portal experience for content distribution and syndication means the master files for all assets are stored in one place and never duplicated, reducing the risk of lost assets, using assets that have not gone through pre-defined approval workflows, or have expired rights – ensuring compliance is upheld.

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Capturing Ideation for Content Reuse

This client is also leveraging the ability to capture ideation and store versions of projects in the DAM for future campaign inspiration and reuse. The company was previously challenged by assets and resources going to waste, as the ideas and versions behind final projects for marketing campaigns resided on personal drives and were thus inaccessible for reuse.

Tenovos provides a comprehensive solution by allowing businesses to capture the work in the process of projects, from ideation through to revisions and the final product, all within one user experience. By appropriately tagging assets with relevant metadata, the business can ensure all content ideation and unused versions of campaigns are efficiently organized and searchable in the DAM. Creative teams can then search existing content and use this work as inspiration for upcoming campaigns or kick start projects with unused, pre-existing creative assets – ultimately preserving the efforts of designers and fostering swift marketing operations. This approach enables reuse and upholds compliance requirements, as all content ideation is stored securely and compliantly within the DAM.

Key features:

Navigating the intricacies of compliance while streamlining marketing operations in financial services

Tenovos and this financial services client continue to work together to ensure creative teams can successfully uphold the compliance regulations necessary in the financial services industry with ease while also being able to access the assets they need in just a few clicks. Tenovos’ centralized asset management and robust workflow automation and integration capabilities enable this company to advance marketing campaigns confidently, increasing team productivity and performance. Looking ahead, the ability to capture ideation within the DAM promises this business will see further benefits from content reuse and compliance integration from the start of the creative process for years to come.

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