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40-Minute Webinar

Generative AI:
Balancing Creativity
with Compliance

Date: July 24th, 11 AM EST
Speakers: Shuli Ozeri, Chief GenAI Solutions Officer & Mike Waldron, CMO

Learn how to navigate Generative AI’s transformative impact on productivity while ensuring brand and legal compliance within your content supply chain.

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The impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on a brand’s ability to improve productivity is undeniable and exciting. Despite this, executive teams are hesitant about whether or not to strategically embrace GenAI in their content supply chain.

The debate focuses on whether brands are capable of overseeing the vast volume of content produced by Generative AI and examines whether creative and marketing departments can follow the necessary guidelines and restrictions to guarantee compliance with brand standards and legal requirements.

In this 40-minute webinar, hosted by Shuli Ozeri, Chief GenAI Solutions Officer at Bria, and Michael Waldron, CMO at Tenovos, will explore how brands can safely use Generative AI to improve productivity throughout the content supply chain.

Key takeaways will include: 

  • The most common use cases for GenAI in a modern content supply chain ecosystem
  • Open vs. Closed AI
  • The role DAM plays to maximize the value of GenAI
  • How to build a “chain of custody” to drive compliance
  • What a typical “crawl, walk, run model” looks like when ensuring GenAI compliance

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Shuli Ozeri
Chief GenAI Solutions Officer
Bria AI

Shuli Ozeri, Chief Generative AI Solutions Officer at Bria AI, leads customer adoption across domains. 

With 20 years in management consulting, Shuli and her team advise on Generative AI transformation, driving growth and revenue through valuable business use cases, blending leadership and AI expertise.


Mike Waldron

Michael Waldron is an enterprise software CMO obsessed with empowering companies to tell data-driven, engaging, and impactful stories that drive business growth.

As CMO at Tenovos, Michael is pushing brands to rethink their perspective of digital asset management (DAM) and how it can significantly improve employee productivity and content performance.