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Introduce Us To Your Friends.
It’s a Win-Win!

At Tenovos, we’re incredibly proud and thankful for our customer advocates. We’re aware of all the excellent word-of-mouth you put in for us and we thought it’s about time you get rewarded. So, we’ve created the Tenovos Customer Referral Program.

Refer a friend

How does it work?

Simply refer a friend interested in chatting with Tenovos by either filling in the form above or contacting your CSM. 


Once you submit the referral, we’ll reach out to them to learn more about their business, objectives, and goals.


If we accept the referral (it has to align with some basic criteria based on size, industry, and need) we will provide a reward of your choice

  • $500 in cold, hard cash (in your local currency), OR

  • $500 in donations to FirstBook, Tenovos’ charity of choice, in your name


If the referral converts to a Tenovos customer, we will provide a second reward of your choice:

  • 10% of the first year’s subscription fee in cash (platform only), OR

  • 10% of the first year’s subscription fee in donations to FirstBook in your name


At any time you can connect with your CSM to get updates on how the opportunity is progressing!


For further details, along with full terms and conditions of the program, please reach out to your CSM.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and for all your referrals!
Keep them coming!