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Optimize Your Everything with DAM-Centric Composable Architecture

Learn why today’s enterprises are shifting to composable architecture to optimize the process of creating, managing, and delivering global content at scale – and how you can effectively navigate this digital transformation. 

There has been a seismic shift in the media and content supply chain world, with brands moving away from legacy, monolithic vendors to a composable enterprise tech stack in which every software is interoperable, scalable, and extensible.

This is not new; it’s been in the making for a decade or more, but today, API and cloud technology have lowered the bar. Integrations are easier than ever.

Meanwhile, the need to quench consumers’ thirst for content is pushing global enterprises beyond the capabilities of existing systems, processes, and tools.

Every enterprise around the world behaves more and more like a media publisher, where modernizing leads to cheaper, faster, and better creative.

This digital transformation is rife with product companies today looking to optimize the process of creating, managing, and delivering global content at scale. But it comes with obstacles, dependencies, expectations, and complexities, which, unless managed, can derail even the most technologically savvy brands.

In this webinar, experts from Tenovos, Qvest, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduce various tools and techniques, such as the Reference Technical Blueprint, POCs, and the AWS Marketplace, to help ensure the success of those organizations on the composable architecture path.

The webinar demonstrates how stakeholders can use these tools to help align priorities, articulate dependencies, and define meaningful business impact throughout the media and content creation process.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of composable architecture
  • The challenges and key tools & techniques to mitigate risk
  • Where to get started and how to sell internally

The Speakers

David Dorf

Global Head of Retail Industry Solutions

David Dorf leads Worldwide Retail Solutions & GTM at AWS, where he develops retail-specific solutions and assists retailers with innovation.

Before joining AWS, David developed retail technology solutions at Infor Retail, Oracle Retail, 360Commerce, Circuit City, AMF Bowling, and Schlumberger’s retail and banking division.

David spent several years working with NRF-ARTS on technology standards, is on the advisory board for the MACH Alliance, and supports the Retail Orphan Initiative charity. He holds degrees from Virginia Tech and Penn State.

Mike Whang

SVP, DMSC Practice Lead

Senior Vice President at Qvest US, Mike is an experienced leader in the Digital Media Supply Chain domain.

With a rich background spanning over two decades, he has been instrumental in pioneering innovative digital media solutions with an emphasis in proven methodology and collaboration with his clients.

His expertise has guided Fortune 500 companies through their digital transformation journeys by aligning strategic vision with cutting-edge technologies.

Philip Wisniewski

VP of Global Alliances

Philip brings 25+ years of experience at the intersection of content and commerce, working with global brands to simplify the complex world of software services (eCommerce, PIM, DAM, CMS, implementation, and integrations).

As VP of Global Alliances at Tenovos, Philip fosters partner relationships with ISVs, consultancies, integrators, and agencies, supporting strategic client acquisition and high-quality service to drive growth.

Prior to Tenovos, Philip’s vast experience included positions at ICP, EPAM, iCrossing (now Hearst), and Molecular (now Aegis/Isobar). He currently lives on the sunny shores of Northeast Florida with his wife, two teenagers, and a whole lot of drama.

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