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Every business is different, so the evaluation of potential digital asset management providers will be too. While your needs are unique to you and your teams, there are some themes and best practices to keep in mind when determining which platform will drive the most value and be the best fit. Here are a few key areas to keep in mind during your search.

At Tenovos, We Know:

A Modern User Experience
Really Matters

A user-friendly interface that boosts productivity should no longer be considered a “nice to have.”

Your Success Is
Our Success Too

We offer high-touch customer support throughout implementation and beyond to keep the momentum going.

Better Reports Mean
Better Decisions

All the data in the world can’t help make your team more productive and profitable if it can’t be quickly turned into insights.

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Adoption Matters Most

Even the most advanced DAM technology can fail to return value if it isn’t used consistently across the business. Having teams go rogue, maintain shadow storage or use other workflow solutions can quickly doom a DAM implementation. Why would this happen? If the users who would benefit most from doing their file management and collaboration in the DAM find it outdated, slow, or cumbersome in any way, user adoption will suffer and compromise the whole project. Make sure you consider the look, feel and functionality of your software with this in mind.

Assess the Importance of Reporting

The ability to track and collect data is key to getting the most out of adding a DAM to your workflow. However, what you are able to do with that data (and how easily you can do it) matters just as much when it comes to the return on your platform investment. Tenovos offers a robust insights and reporting engine that can help your teams easily visualize trends and keep stakeholders engaged. These reports also include things like asset usage that can help you spot anomalies and improve brand governance.

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Don’t Forget About Your
Licensed Content

It should be a given that any digital library platform will help you store, organize, and share the content you create. But don’t forget to assess a system’s ability to improve productivity, tracking, and evaluation of your rights-managed assets as well. Tenovos builds rights management in from the start, keeping pertinent licensing information and contracts alongside your licensed assets and helping your team use and manage them based on those details. The ability to show assets only in geographies where they’re allowed, report on where content is being used, how, and by whom, and to evaluate an asset’s performance relative to the cost of its creation are all possible with the right platform.



Consider Your Customer
Support Needs

Knowing the level of tech savvy among your DAM’s potential user base and the available bandwidth of your own IT department can help you determine the right platform for you. Modern DAMs are intuitive and built with users in mind, requiring minimal IT support to operate and modify the system. But if you know you’ll want hands-on support for a smooth implementation and want an ongoing relationship with a dedicated customer success team, make sure what you need is available from all of the providers you’re considering.

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