Story Manager

Calling on all creatives, curators, and content collaborators.

Command and control your content. Introducing the ultimate storytellers cockpit.


AI assisted tagging and metadata creation

Enables auto-tagging and auto-transcription of images and videos, making organizing and identifying your assets not only easy but also scalable.

Asset level Metadata and Security

Ensures every piece of content has the right context. Rights management and security make it easy to safeguard valuable brand content from misuse infringement.

Omnichannel Renditions and Asset Variations

Increases re-use of digital assets. Faster speed to market and reduced content creation costs by easily repurposing existing content.

Internal and External Sharing

Allows for content in all stages of the lifecycle to be moved easily to ensure stories stay on message with campaign goals and themes.
Story Manager User Dashboard

Brand Tiles

Thumbnail views of branded content and context around that content such as tasks and campaigns. At-a-glance metadata views provide details and call-to-actions to manage and move content with ease.

Role Based User Interfaces

Personally designed for each user to enable easy navigation without technical expertise, saving on setup, onboarding, and training costs. Each screen is configured to ensure the most relevant information is available when needed, further speeding up the creative process.

Digital Asset Management personalized dashboard

Dynamic Search Bar

Perform simple or complex searches either by individual assets or by collections using keywords, product fields, facet filters, or automated natural language processing for a more visually streamlined search experience.
Tenovos Digital Asset Management Simple Search
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