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The 5 Key Productivity Reports
Every DAM User Needs

Learn how to simplify the process of measuring productivity in digital asset management with vital KPIs, report integration strategies, and benchmarks for enhanced team efficiency.

While your digital asset management platform is built for productivity, quantifying productivity gains (or losses) can be challenging. Although (some) DAMs provide you with the data, understanding which reports your users need to help them be more efficient isn’t always straightforward.

So, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you.

Kraeton Moll, Product Manager, and Mike Waldron, CMO of Tenovos, identify five key reports every DAM user needs and break down:

  • What vital productivity KPIs and metrics you should be measuring
  • How to build those metrics into a report that adds value to your team
  • What benchmarks you should be striving for

The Speakers


Kraeton Moll
Product Manager

Kraeton Moll is a passionate Product Manager who transitioned from his role as Sr. Customer Success Account Manager, driven by a desire to leverage the insights he gained during 2.5 years of working closely with customers.

As a product manager at Tenovos, Kraeton applies his in-depth understanding of customers’ key objectives and his specialization in data and analytics to roadmap management and continuously enhancing current and future product features.

Kraeton holds a degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Missouri and is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), currently residing in Chicago.


Mike Waldron

Michael Waldron is an enterprise software CMO obsessed with empowering companies to tell data-driven, engaging, and impactful stories that drive business growth.

As CMO at Tenovos, Michael is pushing brands to rethink their perspective of digital asset management (DAM) and how it can significantly improve employee productivity and content performance.

Prior to joining Tenovos, Michael’s 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS Marketing included senior Marketing positions at Uberflip, NewStore, and Black Duck Software.

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