Story Cloud

Designed for global enterprises and ready for the largest content workloads.

You thought microservices were cool?

We’ve taken cloud architecture to the next level.


The Power of Native Cloud

Story Cloud is built on the most advanced and up to date Native Cloud architecture that exists. This allows us to focus on what is most important to the teams using our products, great features that perform very well at massive scale no matter what the load – from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

Seamless Interoperability

Existing applications and repositories can be connected to Story Cloud, maintaining the integrity of content and data when transmitted between systems and eliminating the costs associated with custom integration. Many out of the box connectors and adaptors are available making it easy to connect the dots seamlessly for end users.

Unparalleled Scalability and Response Time

You manage a lot of content and metadata so we built a Web-Scale foundation that ensures lightening fast response times for the best performing content experience in the market today. Your teams will never miss a beat waiting for progress bars.

Secure Data Access

Story Cloud is built with a modern native cloud security approach. Assets, users, and the system are protected against unauthorized access and provide advanced data encryption. The template based tools for administrators make it easy to control and keep policies updated.


A big part of what makes a SaaS capability adaptable, scalable, and easy to integrate to, is in the way the API’s and services are architected. Story Cloud is built on Microservices (Node.js) that are fully productized to support rapid customer and partner integrations.

Story Cloud Digital Asset Management Microservices Architecture SaaS
Story Cloud Federated Data Model for Digital Asset Management Teal Graphic

Data Model

Actionable Data is at the center of Story Cloud’s value proposition. Not all database approaches are created equal when it comes to federation and big data requirements. We make big data actionable to support optimizing your return on asset.

Agile Deployments

The Story Cloud is built on an automated full CICD pipeline that ensures predictable controlled deployment of new functionality without system disruption, removing the need for IT support, and reducing downtime. As a result we can deliver innovation faster with seamless updates.

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