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Timeless Wisdom For DAM Productivity

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Achieve DAM success: Know what you can’t control—and build a scaffold accordingly

The world’s best DAM can still succeed or fail based on the underlying business. Technology-culture mismatches can be fatal, and a source of endless agony for DAM managers doomed to forever watch people mis-tag assets or upload nonsensically named files. But apply the right technology to a team of people and a process you already understand well? That’s a recipe for DAM success.

A DAM is like a scaffold you build around the business—you can change the scaffold, but not the business. As we’ve explored in this guide, you have lots of tools for building that scaffold:

  • Understand what’s actually within your control, and address that
  • Establish and defend your DAM’s purpose (its “why”)
  • Use data to guide the business
  • Run continuous adoption campaigns to combat entropy
  • Automate reviews, publishing, and integrations
  • Feed the virtuous cycle so the outputs become new inputs

The question for you now is, how will you apply these, and what will you construct?

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