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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Imagine being asked what you want to take home from a distribution warehouse without the Amazon website to guide you. How would anyone know what was there, how to use it, or where to get it?

When we store content in our DAMs, it’s important to remember why we’re storing it in the first place: to keep it organized, accessible and usable. If you aren’t able to efficiently share and distribute your content to sales, partners, agencies, and other internal and external users then your content isn’t reaching it’s maximum value. What’s more, if they aren’t using the content you’re sharing with them, what are they using?

Join us for a 30 minute session to learn best practices on storing & sharing your content. Together, Tenovos & Smint will cover:

  • The pitfalls of content sharing and how to avoid them
  • How to increase the value of your content that already exists today
  • What teams should have access to and why
  • Leveraging usage data to inform content strategy and prove ROI

The Speakers

Gert Fahrnberger


Mike Waldron


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