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DAM Essentials:

Your Guide to Digital Asset Management in Retail

Somehow there’s a glut of digital asset management information—and yet, none of it’s quite specific enough. Until now.

Whether you’re a newly hired DAM manager looking for a primer on the retail space, a marketing manager trying to get your assets onto your ecommerce platform, or a creative director determining whether you need to upgrade your DAM to fit a new use case, this resource is your launching pad to finding the right solutions.

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Download DAM Essentials for Retail to learn:

Understand DAM metadata and how it can support your marketing goals at your retail company

Feel ready to create a high-level plan of action to select, upgrade or implement your DAM and understand the top integrations you can’t live without for retail marketing

Recognize the key features of a modern DAM and how you can use them to your advantage for your retail company’s use cases

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