Story Insights

Understand which assets make the best stories and why.

It’s not just about more data, it’s about understanding. Lifecycle and performance data together with learning algorithms empower the creative process.


Seeing the Patterns

Providing Dynamic Analytics that enable in context awareness and trending data over time of the lifecycle of an asset, is critical to optimizing asset performance and ROA (Return on Asset)

Configurable User-Friendly Dashboards

Getting a lot of data is not always useful unless it is relevant to the task at hand. Configuring what data you need is important to making it useful. We have that covered – you can create custom views and reports that enable every part of the process.

Improve Traceability and Governance

Monitor and track assets through the various stages of management and access. Maintain compliance, security, and governance through reporting and auditing your assets use across departments and 3rd parties.

Increased Return on Asset

Understand what assets make for better stories and guide optimization and effective investments into the right content at the right time leading to increased top line growth and brand affinity.
Story Insights Project management Dashboard

Visually Enhanced Monitoring

A normalized view of aggregated data from all connected systems, workflows, and creative review cycles. Tracking progress, milestones, and timelines with confidence.

Dynamic Reporting

Measure the lifetime value of individual assets by actively gathering and analyzing performance data across multiple sources. Query based and Real-time data identifies trends that support decision-making.
Tenovos Story Insights Agency Dashboard


Content Graphs

Visualize and interpret actions and relationships as assets move though their story cycle. Versions and variations that are created to support channels and campaigns can be tracked and connected back to the original creating full 360 degree awareness.
Story Insights Graph Database Visualization
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